New Price

As of July 1, 2017, Starlight Guesthouse will be changing our price structure. 30,000 kyat per night for our double rooms (even if it is only 1 person), and 35,000 kyat for 3 people in a double room (includes an extra bed). 25,000 kyat per night for our 1 single room. No more price difference for using air-conditioning or fan only.

3 people maximum per double room, except for small children. Breakfast is included in the price of the room. We serve eggs and toast, fresh fruit and either fresh-brewed coffee or hot tea.


There are no travel restrictions to Ye!

There have been rumors that Starlight Guesthouse (in Ye, Mon State) is not licensed to accept foreign guests. This is NOT true. We have the correct license. Please do not believe any story that Starlight cannot host foreigners. Also, travelers have been told that they cannot even visit Ye. People have cancelled their planned visit because they were told by travel agencies and hotel staff (in other cities) that Ye is off-limits now. This is not the case! Don’t skip Ye because of inaccurate information.

Welcome to Starlight Guesthouse

Come experience a place of the past, anxious for the future. Ye (pronounced YAY) is the largest town in Southern Mon State. Until late 2013, it was off-limits to foreigners. Visitors are now welcome, and you can discover a culture and a landscape that has been unseen by outsiders since before the Second World War. The people are as curious about you as you will be by them. Southern Myanmar isn’t cluttered with franchise shops and the cookie-cutter sameness of so many tourist destinations. You will be amazed by totally new experiences of sights, sounds and traditions.

The view from our patio
The view from our patio

Come and stay with us at Starlight Guesthouse. We will introduce you to the area, assist in planning day trips, recommend the local highlights and arrange for transportation, with English speaking guides to accompany you. Bring your camera! It’s a photographer’s dream land.

Check our activities page for festivals and special events in Ye and surrounding areas. It’s a great way to experience a variety of food, music, sports, Myanmar culture and other entertainment. Come see us if you really need to get away from it all. Ye is completely different from the world that you are familiar with!